1. radiostilte:

    - Radio Stilte

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  2. Yes! bringing the rigor to celebrity fandom

  3. groupeffortla:

    Christopher Doyle on filming neon in Hong Kong, part of an extensive interactive exhibit on the loss of neon in the city light, being replaced by LCD/LED.


  4. offbeatchina:

    Walls (of any construction) in China’s villages used to be billboards for the government to promote its many policies, especially the one-child policy, in the absence of a better channel. Slogans that boost the benefits of population control and the use of contraception are very commonly seen in…

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  6. moreohs:


    Seal Loungeroom, taken on Isabella, Galapagos.

    Photo credit:© Ryan Essex/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest)

    u tired bro

  7. text-mode:

    Fingal’s Cave in Scotland. Good example of how nature’s hexagonal bias can produce blocky shapes.

  8. malformalady:

    An abandoned mall in Thailand has become home to hundreds of fish after it flooded. Locals introduced the talapia to eat mosquitoes which had been attracted by the stagnant water.

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  10. Unpublished interview with Kathleen Hanna from 1995. I love that this was obviously done with a typewriter and that Kathleen corrected all the stuck key marks.