1. malformalady:

    An abandoned mall in Thailand has become home to hundreds of fish after it flooded. Locals introduced the talapia to eat mosquitoes which had been attracted by the stagnant water.

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  3. Unpublished interview with Kathleen Hanna from 1995. I love that this was obviously done with a typewriter and that Kathleen corrected all the stuck key marks.

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    Summer Music Festival cellist Armen Ksajikian plays for the resident bears at the Fortress of the Bears bear sanctuary Thursday, June 10, 2010, in Sitka, Alaska. Ksajikian was inspired by the acoustics at the converted pulp mill clarifier tank and played a selection of music, including a Berlioz piece, for the bruins. With Ksajikian is Les Kinnear director of the sanctuary.

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    Angela Deane

    Ghost Photographs

    Acrylic on found photograph

    2012 - ongoing

    Website  Tumblr

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    Ad from the 1970s at the New York City Transit Museum ( insta http://ift.tt/1kfMfJW )

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    Llamas and Balloons (Gray Malin)

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