1. architectureofdoom:

    West Edmonton mall, mid-80s

  2. nicolelavelle:

    July 28, 2012

  3. i’ve been researching cutouts in concrete walls for a school project i’m working on and found this. i’m kind of surprised how little “hole in the wall” imagery is out there.

  4. text-mode:

    Homage to John Cage by Bengt Emil Johnson (1962)

  5. 99percentinvisible:

    Ghost Parking Lot- an installation by James Wines in Hamden CT. 

    (Don’t try to find it. It’s paved over.)

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  7. Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey

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  8. theeuropeanpost:

    Swedish scenes, we’d love a fika right now.

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  9. teaim:

    When the sprawling Randall Park Mall opened near Cleveland in 1976, it was briefly the largest mall in the world, and developers touted it as a symbol of the good life in suburbia. The small town where it was located added two shopping bags to its municipal seal in homage. This year, after decades of decline, it’s being torn down.

    Photographer Seph Lawless documented the abandoned mall, along with another nearby shopping center also scheduled for demolition, in a new book called Black Friday. Via. 

    guys, they’re tearing down the randall park mall. this makes me sad.

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  10. theimportanceofbeingmodernist:

    Brutalist Graffiti, Smithfield, London.

    © 2014 Alex James Bruce

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