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    Evelyn Brent in The Mad Parade (1931, dir. William Beaudine) (via)

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  5. cavetocanvas:

    Michael Kidner, Color Value Intensity, 1981

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  6. climateadaptation:

    Drones to scan cities, Google Street View style? The future is here. But, how could this identify vulnerabilities in cities?


    Eco Drones   |   Christopher Geist

    By capitalizing on the FAA Modernization and Reform Act, which created guidelines for the introduction of unmanned aircraft, drones could be introduced to Manhattan.

    Free of the traditional limitations of the street grid, the drones’ paths could evenly spread seeds throughout the city, thereby bridging the ecological gaps within the urban fabric.

    Better able to mitigate the urban context, the drones will do what natural processes could not: re-introduce plant life to the city and aid in sustainability.


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    via superawesomeshop, sveltst: Inflatable Trampoline Bridge Design in Paris

  8. text-mode:

    A more stylish interface for Morse Code: printing telegraphs! Each key represents a letter, and there is a shift key for capitalization.

    This is Hughes telegraph (1866), which was the first telegraph that printed text on paper. Printing telegraphs were available earlier than that, often used for the stock market. Don’t fight the tape!

  9. fuckyeahbrutalism:

    University Arts Center, University of California, Berkeley, 1965-70

    (Mario J. Ciampi, Paul W. Reiter, Richard L. Jorasch, Ronald E. Wagner)

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    Iceland (Gerco de Ruijter)

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