1. mostexerent:

    Street tailor. Shanghai, 2011

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  2. iloverainandcoffee:


    Georgia O’Keeffe, Lake George Barns, 1926

    “There was a fine old barn at the Lake George farmhouse. You could see it from the kitchen window or from the window of Stieglitz’s little sitting room. With much effort I painted a picture of the front part of the barn… after that I painted the side where all the paint was gone with the south wind. It was weathered grey—with one broken pane in the small window.”

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  3. oh shit. amazing.


    First Highlights of the National Geography Photo Contest 

    National Geographic offers one of the most exiting photography contests, in which everyone can submit their photography that is nature-related. Unfortunately, the submission period for this season has been closed already.The selection of their first favorites is worth a look, though. 

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  5. roomthily:

    The spread of printing across Europe in the 1400s (metaLAB)

    (Source: The Atlantic)

  6. editionaladdictions:

    Tomoko Shioyasu

    paper cut tapestries

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  8. humanscalecities:

    Palmanova, Italy

    This nine-pointed fortress is perhaps the best example of a planned city from the Renaissance. Palmanova was built in 1593 and is located in the northeastern corner of Italy near the border with Slovenia.

    Strange, Beautiful and Unexpected: Planned Cities Seen From Space

  9. tipsyipsy:

    Lyon Street Stairs workout. Both sets of stairs, 5 times. My legs are jello. A quick workout but an effective one IMHO.

  10. text-mode:

    Morse code, Punched card recording medium, Binary numeral system, Baudot code and dot matrix printer for the TM cover design by Heinrich Fleischhacker (1975).