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    Imagine if highways were rivers. Well, in Seoul, you wouldn’t have to imagine too hard. One of the city’s busiest highways has been transformed into a beautiful river, and it has made the city more liveable in the process. 

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    Design Uncrated
    Cord Chair
    Jacques Guillon, 1950
    The chair frame is comprised of three intersecting laminated wood boomerang-shaped pieces. The seat and back are made of taut nylon cord, which was readily available following WW2.

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    Cain killing Abel in field (with iron shod spade).

    14th C. French. MS. Douce 211

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    Rates of Travel 1800

    by Allan R. Pred, Urban Growth and the Circulation of Information, 1790-1840-

    The map shows travel times to various parts of the country in the first part of the 19th century. All travel times start in New York City and accordingly, a trip from New York to the Georgia/Florida state line would have taken two weeks and then another week to reach the Gulf coast.

    I always wonder about this.

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  10. not a hipster wonderland—Schloss Moritzburg

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